Vuka Vuka instructions for use Composition and contraindications vucavuca

Vuka Vuka instructions for use | Composition and contraindications of vucavuca
“⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐How to take Wuka Wuka for men with potency problems, one-time and course reception, instructions, analogs, side effects.”

Features of the use of the drug Vuka Vuka

Decreased sexual ability is familiar to every man: weak erection, lack of sexual desire, premature ejaculation or inability to reach orgasm – such “misfires” occur from time to time or with enviable regularity. If we are not talking about serious pathologies, it is enough to take special pills – Vuk Vuk.


Natural remedy for improving male strength


  •  increases libido;
  •  strengthens and prolongs an erection;
  •  slows down ejaculation;
  •  adds vitality, energy.

Vuka Vuka is not a medicine, but a dietary supplement. Practically no contraindications, no side effects.

The advantage of the dietary supplement is that it is allowed, it is even recommended to be taken by women suffering from low sex drive.

Composition of the preparation

Completely natural herbal composition, which is safe and beneficial for the body. Eliminates the main problems with potency, improves the functioning of the heart, blood vessels, and normalizes metabolism.



Carissa edible (root) Able to stimulate the urinary tract. An increase in sexual activity and exercises for chronic prostatitis beneficial potency was noted.
Geeria mesh Strengthens sexual desire, feelings of intimacy.
Securinega virosa Has a positive effect on the nervous system: relieves stress, fatigue. Strengthens erection. Eliminates psychological discomfort.
Triumfetta Velvich A medicinal component that improves the quality of semen. Also relieves inflammation, is able to treat infertility.
Heteromorph treelike Slows down ejaculation, which prolongs intimacy, enhances the sensitivity of erogenous zones and the brightness of orgasm.

Release form, types

Tablets or capsules, packed in cell containers of 20 or 60 pieces per package. Each pill contains auxiliary active ingredients in a dosage of 400 mg. A detailed annotation is included in the box.

In addition to the classic dietary supplement, pharmacies have other types of Vuk Vuk.

sexual desire

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Assets In addition to plant components, it contains B vitamins, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, lycopene, icariin, forskolin, aspartic acid.
Drive Capsules, the main active ingredient of which is eurycoma longifolia, is a powerful natural aphrodisiac. Its main property is to enhance attraction to the opposite sex, therefore this dietary supplement is recommended for use with low libido. Effective for both male and female body.
Energy Contains L-carnitine is a chemical element (acid) that fights infertility, hormonal imbalance and impotence. A dietary supplement can be used as a vitamin complex that replenishes the balance of all substances necessary for the male body.

Pharmacological properties

The pharmacological action of the dietary supplement is achieved due to its multicomponent nature. Medical research has proven its effectiveness:

  • improvement of intimate abilities, their where to get anadrol oxymetholone vs bcaa bodybuilding maintenance when taking a means for prevention;
  • increased libido, activity in bed, general tone;
  • prolongation of sexual intercourse;
  • ;
  • increasing the brightness of the sensations received from sex;
  • fight against free radicals, rejuvenation;
  • improving blood flow in the small pelvis;
  • protection of the prostate from inflammatory processes by improving its blood supply and increasing the outflow of prostatic secretions;
  • improving sperm quality – Vuka Vuka is able to fight infertility.

The drug begins to act very quickly, so you can drink it immediately before intimacy. To achieve a long-term effect, a course reception is recommended.

Indications for admission

The use of Vuk Vuk in the instructions for use is recommended for men of any age who have the following symptoms and pathologies:

  • weak or complete lack of libido;
  • ;
  • , provoked by stress, fears, other disorders of psycho-emotional health;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system that prevent the reproductive system from working properly;
  • low synthesis of sex hormones (testosterone);
  • reduced sensitivity of erogenous zones;
  • ;
  • , due to poor sperm quality.

An important indication is the prevention of diseases, dysfunctions of the genitourinary system, which can appear at a young and old age. Preventive treatment carried out with drugs whose components are of natural origin will save a man from negative factors that destroy his sexual health.

Contraindications and side effects

There are contraindications that you should know about before starting therapy. According to the description, it is prohibited to drink pills when: